We prepare breakfast for patients and their families as part of our NCJW Guest Chef Program at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. 

The Sunday mornings remaining on the schedule are:

           March  4     April  8

Please give me at least 2 weeks notice on date(s) you can participate. 

Thank you, 


Contact Zelda Stern


for the details.

Support Holocaust survivors and rescuers as they continue to educate school children throughout the Delaware Valley. 

NCJW is asking anyone with a few hours to spare to sign up to The Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center.  The center will be happy to train anyone who is willing to help whether it means driving and/or facilitating. The Museum is open for tours for individuals, families, and classes during the week. They request that you contact them beforehand to set up an appointment.

Please contact me. I will be happy to share details with you. Thank you,

Susan Horwitz  horwitzsusan@yahoo.com



We have returned to Ben Franklin Elementary School  to tutor first graders and ready for another successful year.  The Vice-Principal greeted us warmly and gave us student tutorial packets, individualized for their reading skill and comprehension needs. The packets are easy to follow and teacher training is not a requisite.

We need more volunteers so that we can make an impact on more children. You can go any day of the week that works for you.  It is hoped that some of our “snowbirds” will get involved when they fly home. Our contributions of school supplies is making a positive impact.

Please bring donations to the meetings.

Harriet Gran   hgranncjw@gmail.com