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 Two surveys (one for Philadelphia County and the other for Montgomery County)  and information on deadlines to register, apply for a mail in ballot, etc. for the November 3 general election.  Please fill out the survey for your county.  IT IS VITAL THAT THE BOARDS OF ELECTIONS HEAR FROM VOTERS


This  survey asks about your experience in obtaining and successfully (or not) sending a mail in ballot  has been developed by Montgomery County.  Your answers will go directly to the board of elections  The survey is here:


This is the URL to fill out the voter survey for Philadelphia

IT IS TIME TO REGISTER TO VOTE, APPLY FOR A MAIL IN BALLOT, FOR THE NOVEMBER 3 GENERAL ELECTION. You should also check with your board of elections to ensure that you are indeed going to receive a mail in ballot if you had requested a mail in for the rest of the year when you applied for one for the June 2 primary

In Philadelphia County you may also request to have a mail in ballot sent to you by calling this number: (215) 686-3469

In Montgomery County you may call (610) 278-3275 to request a mail in ballot be sent to you, check your voter registration status, or change your voter registration if you have recently moved.

Note:  the PA House state government committee is now discussing needed improvements to the procedures for obtaining mail in ballots, location of polling places, and a more expedited way to count mail in ballots so as to avoid a week’s delay to find out the results.  Stay tuned…..

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